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50 Books: 26-31

One of the nice things about being a finalist in the Hilary Weston Writers' Trust Prize is that the Writers' Trust sends you free copies of all of the other finalists' books. I've read all four now and have enjoyed them immensely. Each is very unique and brave in its own way. It will be hard to choose a winner, but I'm pretty sure it will not be mine. Here are the other four finalists:

Jordan Abel. Nishga.

Tomson Highway. Permanent Astonishment.

Darrel J. McLeod. Peyakow: Reclaiming Cree Dignity.

Ian Williams. Disorientation: Being Black in the World.

I also had the chance to read a couple of other books this month. I read the most recent mystery novel by my friend, Norman Reed Paterson, called Amateurs--a murder mystery set in a retirement home. Very enjoyable. Norman has just turned 95! I also read Richard Frazer's Travels with a Stick: A Pilgrim's Journey to Santiago de Compostela. This was recommended by a friend who knows I would like to walk the Camino one day. I've read a number of Camino narratives. This may well be the best.

Nineteen to go.


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